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Connecting Local Business Communities

What do we do?

Tollinten Trading is a platform for business owners, organizations and non-profits to allow them to keep their business truly local by doing business and supporting each other. We use an electronic currency called the Tollin. This additional currency allows our trading partners to do business together, purchase the things they need with Tollins’ and save their cash for other needs.

Most businesses have unutilized time and talents or idle space and goods. A consultant, hair stylist, the chiropractor has empty time slots, a restaurant has empty tables and extra food, a hotel, apartment complex, storage centers, office buildings etc. have empty space. And the retail stores have idle or excess inventories or the new collection is in and the old has to go, and the list continues, you get the idea.

This is where Tollinten Group with our Tollinten Trading platform comes into play. We help you start utilizing these extra capacities and match you up with other business professionals and entrepreneurs to trade.

New Revenue

What if you could deposit income from future sales into an account, and then spend that money to offset your business or personal expenses today? You will receive a customized plan that fits your specific needs, and a credit line to help you get started if needed.

More Customers

Tollinten Trading sends you new customers who are eager to purchase your idle or expiring inventory, fill your empty seats or space to increase your customer base, preserve precious cash, and increase your annual profit.

Higher Profit

Use your Tollinten account to purchase things you are already spending cash on for business or family expenses and keep your cash in the bank! The value of the Tollin currency is backed by the goods and services promised or deposited into the Tollinten community platform.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Tollinten Trading work?

You pay with what you have-to get what you need, or in other words pay your vendors, employees, friends, family or virtually anyone using your excess capacity of products and service instead of cash. You can use this new found revenue to offset business expenses, pay employee incentives and benefits, or enhance your quality of life. And quite often, trade clients will refer their cash paying friends and family when they enjoy the great service you provide them. New business is created.

Who can join?

Any business or person that offers a product or performs a service can apply for an account with Tollinten Trading. You must agree to the established trading rules and be fair and equitable in your dealings with other Tollinten Trading members, just as you would with your cash customers. Tollinten Trading is simply building a community of businesses, entrepreneurs and people that understand the benefits of the network and want to increase sales, lower expenses, increase profits, and the numerous benefits it has to offer.

What does it cost to get started?

There is a one-time setup fee as low as $195 depending on what type of membership you choose. An Entrepreneur account is as low as $10/month cash and $10/month trade dollars, and NO network listing fees! A 3.5 %-6% cash transaction fee is charged on each time we refer new business to you, and a 3.5% – 6% cash transaction fee is charged on each purchase when you spend your newly found revenue.

When are the transaction fees processed?

Transaction fees are processed in advance based on your estimated spending plan. Or at the time of each purchase or sale. We offer special discounts for paying your transaction fees in advance. For your convenience your statement activity is always available online 24/7 in your Member Dashboard.

What is a Business Assessment?

The Business Assessment sets Tollinten Trade apart in our Industry. Our team provides every member with a business assessment tool to identify ongoing daily, monthly and yearly cash expenses. This assessment identifies existing recurring expenses, like printing, landscaping, building or vehicle maintenance, marketing, and advertising and other types of services. Every business is different and this customized assessment tool allows us to identify cash expenses that can be reduced and/or replaced now and in the future through the community. The Business Assessment is a powerful tool for your business.

What is a Trade Circle?

A Trade Circle is comprised of member businesses who offer services that each member uses on a recurring basis. Tollinten Trading works with every member in order to identify their ongoing cash expenses. Once your custom Business Assessment has been completed, Tollinten Trading will connect you with members already in our network who supply these services. Tollinten Agents will continually enroll new and diverse member businesses that can be added to your Trade Circle. Tollinten also rewards our members who assist us by recommending companies they know, like and trust to the network.

What is a Tollin?

The Tollin electronic currency is called a Tollin (TT). One TT is equal to the value of one US Dollar and is the base unit of the Tollinten electronic currency for the purpose of determining value on products and services.

Why would I want to accept Tollins (electronic currency) instead of cash?

You’re not accepting TT instead of cash. You’re receiving new customers that the community finds for you in addition to your cash customers. If you have idle time in your week or overstocked inventory on your shelves are overstocked, why not accept Tollins (electronic currency)? You can spend your TT revenue to offset business expenses, pay employee incentives, or enhance your quality of life. Further, trade clients will refer their cash paying friends and family when they enjoy the great service you provide them.

How is trading through the Tollinten Trading Network better than trading direct?

You are not limited to buy from the same member you sell to. You can trade with businesses in our loca community and with other Tollinten communities locally and nationally and globally. Our software tracks all your transactions, and unfair trades are eliminated! We send you a 1099b for tax reporting purposes so that all of your trade activity is legal and ethical. You can have sub-accounts which allows you to share your TT earnings with your employees, VIP clients, and family.

Why should I pay cash for my products and sell it for Tollins (TT)?

If you own a retail store and you have excess product sitting on your shelves, why not get full value for it by posting it on Tollinten Trading Network instead of getting pennies on the dollar on other cash or auction sites? If you’re in a service industry and have empty appointment times, you can’t sell today’s empty time tomorrow, so post it for trade and bring in new business that generates revenue in your Tollinten Trading Network account. If your restaurant has empty tables, your hotel has empty rooms, or your radio stations have empty time, don’t let it go to waste! Remember, when new Tollinten Trade customers are coming through your doors, they always bring more cash customers!

Can I pay my rent and electric bill with the Tollinten Trading Network?

No. However, you can save cash by trading for things that you would normally pay cash for, and use that money would have spent toward your rent and electric bill. Perhaps you can use your trade dollars to design a new website that attracts more cash customers. You can even trade for business courses and/or coaching that will make your business more profitable. Profit means more cash and cash pays your rent… so actually, the answer is YES!

How should I price my product or service?

We are all about you getting full value for your products and services. The price you quote to Tollinten Trading Network members is the same price you would quote to a cash paying client. The Tollinten Trading Network is simply another method of payment, just like cash or a credit card. Remember that business owners are educated shoppers and price gouging is frowned upon, as well as cause for account termination.

What if I need to make a purchase before I have earned any Tollins?

The Tollinten Trading Network will allow a member a line of credit just like a bank, based on 50% of their business assessment spending plan. Additionally a member can apply for a larger line of credit. You can qualify by posting products for trade in the same amount that you would like in credit. Once your credit line is approved, you can use your credit immediately.

Do I have to pay income taxes on the sales I make with the Tollinten Trading Network?

Yes. Trade Exchanges are required, by the IRS, to report all trade sales at the end of each calendar year, and we make it easy for you to report! Tollinten Trading Network members receive a 1099b at the beginning of each year for trade sales made the previous year. Members of the Trade Network can also view their monthly statements online at any time. Remember, your business expenses are deductible whether you trade for them or pay cash. Please discuss these options with your accountant. The goal is to spend as much as you sell so as to not show a taxable profit. If you spend more trade dollars than you earned, it could even generate a loss that can be used to reduce taxes on cash sales.

Does Tollinten Trading provide support?

Yes. Simply click the blue smile icon on the bottom right of our website to connect with our support team or call the office anytime during regular business hours. Tollinten also contacts our members on a regular basis to update them on upcoming events, new members or services available in the network.

Can I sell an item for part cash, part trade?

The short answer is no. All Tollinten trade purchases and sales are expected to be 100% trade. Your spending plan is based upon your initial business assessment and we establish a selling pattern at that time. Any additional sales or purchases that exceed that spending/sales plan must be approved by a Tollinten Agent and both the buyer and seller must be notified in advance. All applicable transaction fees will be applied to any part cash part trade transactions on the total amount both cash and trade. If you encounter a request for part cash during a transaction, please contact Tollinten Trading immediately before agreeing to the transaction. There are other exceptions such as sales tax, repair parts, deposits etc. that can be charged in cash.

What about Shipping, Taxes and Gratuities?

The Buyer pays sales tax, gratuities and shipping in cash. These parts of the transaction are your responsibility and are facilitated outside of Tollinten Trading. Always charge shipping and sales tax from your buyer up front, before shipping an item. Remember to keep depositing into your relationship bank by always tipping well. Tollinten Trading is a business to business network and word of mouth advertising is still the BEST way to gain new and happy customers.

Why do you ask for my Social Security or Federal ID number?

The Tefra Act designates Trade/Barter Exchanges as third-party record keepers, the same as banks and credit card companies. IRS regulations dictate that trade sales are the same as cash sales, as the seller is receiving revenue that can be spent just like cash to purchase products and services. Therefore, trade sales are taxable income that must be reported by trade exchanges to the IRS. By February of each year, Tollinten Trading will send each member a 1099b detailing their trade sales for the previous year. In March of each year, Tollinten reports all income from trade sales to the IRS, as required by law.

Why do you ask for my credit card, debit card or checking account information?

Tollinten Trade bills the monthly administrative fees and estimated cash/tollin fees in advance at the beginning of each month starting at the time of your membership. Each month, you will be sent a ding Network monthly statement detailing your purchases, sales and fees. Copies of past statements are always available online in your Member Dashboard.


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